For more than 160 years, Arnaud has been following the ever-growing complexity of cargo shipment and logistics services. Our history and the way we face challenges in the areas where we operate make us a reference in the market.


Integrated logistics
on a global level.

Air, sea and road transport

The first freight-forwarding
agent established in Angola
and Cape Verde

Because we believe in market globalization, we want to offer our clients and their cargo access to completely new worlds of opportunity. We have systematically reinforced our investment to be present in strategic markets, such as Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, or Spain.

Continued investment in research and training makes us strong on every logistics area, from imports to exports, as well as door-to-door delivery and project cargo.


We believe our clients are partners with whom we develop joint solutions aiming to continually enhance procedures and results.

We are a trusted partner, whose excellence in service is based upon the strong conviction that our positive and constructive contribution must pass along the whole logistics chain. For us, social responsibility is as important as the creation of economic capital. We believe all these little gestures contribute for a stronger cohesion of our company’s culture.

Our aim is to be the first choice for an importer or exporter in all his Logistical and Cargo Shipment operations (one stop shopping) in the markets where we operate.

  • Ethics and Trust

    • We are committed to creating economic value based on ethical and confident relationships, both on short and long term. We are convinced that we can only succeed if we are creative and ambitious when searching for the best and most viable solutions, and if we help companies to optimize their logistics procedures.
  • Human Value

    • Our team is the key to our performance. We invest in training and developing the team’s capacities and competences and we trust in their total capacity to commit.
  • Innovation and Creativity

    • Our objective is to optimize the usage of resources, to add value and to maximize our client’s returns. Innovation and creativity rely on the essence of the way we develop our procedures. We face new challenges, we anticipate risks, we manage to control the unexpected and we use our flexibility to get around it. To achieve this, we must be efficient, flexible, and effective, and simultaneously capable of creating partnerships for the success of Transport and Logistics Operations that we are entrusted with.
  • Autonomy and Solidity

    • We take responsibility for any cargo entrusted to us. We make our financial autonomy a point of honour, which is reflected also in the company’s shareholders structure, and we work towards the longevity of our partnerships with clients and suppliers.

We aim to create jobs and to improve local and global social conditions of workers, families, and communities. Our conduct is governed by strong environmental awareness and by sustainable development policies, because we believe that it is by participating actively in a community that we can reach a better future.

We work actively for a more balanced world

We develop joint solutions aiming to continually enhance procedures and results.