We provide complete service - one stop shopping model.

Either by land, by air or by sea, we ensure
a customised service and an adequate
response to your needs, always with the
aim of going further than expected by
the clients who entrust us with their cargo.



Warehousing and Logistics is an integral part of the global solutions offered by Arnaud. Therefore, our cargo terminals work as intermediary warehouses, playing a crucial role within the supply-chain. Accredited by customs for export, our logistics terminals in Lisbon and Porto allow speedy execution of the legal requirements for all air and sea shipments.


We provide the means for cargo handling and specialized staff for moving large volumes during activity peaks or for specific projects, allowing our clients to respond quickly and efficiently to all changes and demands of a market that is growingly competitive.


— Receipt and conference of goods

— Bonded warehouse

— Inventory/Stock Control

— Consolidation and de-consolidation

— Palletization

— Picking

— Packing/Industrial packaging







25.000 sqm



25.000 sqm of fenced area

with 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance circuits.

10.000 sqm



10.000 sqm of warehouses with 20 loading/unloading docks, with CCTV surveillance for monitoring

and recording logistics operations.

42 tons



42 tons is the load capacity

of the Kalmar container

carriers we work with.

A logical partnership.

Integrated logistics.

At Arnaud, we undertake the distribution and logistics of goods that are not within the competence of the producing companies: importers or exporters.

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