Air transport services

We offer a wide range of options

for a competitive and reliable

air cargo service

— Direct shipment and groupage

— Drop shipments/cross trade

— Charters

— Gateways in Asia and in the USA

— Cargo packing and palletization


Either by land, by air or by sea, we ensure
a customised service and an adequate
response to your needs, always with the
aim of going further than expected by
the clients who entrust us with their cargo.






We provide complete service - one stop shopping model.

We are the first IATA Agent in Portugal

At Arnaud, we develop and customise

the shipment plans for each client and type

of goods, ensuring a highly reliable

transport service.

Nowadays, the supply chain is highly important, since transit times must be shorter. Arnaud is certified as air cargo Agent, accredited by INAC, and it has been distinguished over recent years with the TOP TAP Cargo award by TAP Air Portugal.


We use strategic partnerships with operators of well-established routes, for a totally consolidate service, supported and assisted by a worldwide network of carefully selected agents.


We have an innovative and modern IT platform, and in close coordination with exporters, our team tracks & traces each shipment.

These are determining factors for us to keep leadership in Air Cargo in Portugal.

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